A Breath of Fresh Air for Brace Wearers

New Breathe-Thru Mesh Provides Cool, Natural Airflow Without Sacrificing Performance

Back braces can be uncomfortable… HOT and uncomfortable. Anyone who has spent a day in a full LSO can testify that by the end of the day, they can’t wait to take off the brace and let their skin breathe a bit. The terms “breathable” and “moisture-wicking” are go-to verbiage when manufacturers describe their products, but there’s only so much moisture [read: sweat] wicking that can take place before these moist braces starts to smell like old gym socks.

The New Trend Pro Series braces have redefined the term breathable with a fabric that is actually a breath of fresh air: Breathe-Thru mesh. Breathe-thru mesh is a groundbreaking new type of fabric that is extremely lightweight and acts more like the screen in a window than like a cloth – allowing natural airflow to cool the body, keeping the patient cool and comfortable all day. Other fabrics that are porous sacrifice durability and are subject to rips and tears. Breathe-Thru mesh is incredibly strong and durable despite being more breathable than other leading “breathable” fabrics.

This revolutionary new material is better seen than explained; and is just one of the remarkable innovations in our new Pro Series lines of spinal orthotics. Watch the short video on our LinkedIn page (click here) to see just how truly breathable it is; and remember: you can request samples of any Trend Product to experience the Trend difference that guarantees “Today’s Trend is tomorrow’s standard” in orthopedic bracing.

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