Today's Trend... Tomorrow's Standard Innovative medical bracing
built for superior comfort,
performance & ease of use
“The most advanced TLSO on the market” CORREX TLSO Ground-breaking, patent pending technology
now allows patients to easily control their
thoracic support while sitting or standing.
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Low Profile Back Brace Trend LP Featuring our single or dual-pull
compression pulley system for
optimal support with every use.
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UNLOADING OA KNEE BRACE PRO FIT UNLOADER 2 Easy medial and lateral unloading w/ directional key.

Numbered strapping system w/ quick-release buckles
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Innovation is at the Heart of Every TREND

How can you make a brace that is more comfortable AND more supportive? How can you make a brace that fastens more securely AND is easier for arthritic patients to apply? How do you make a product that fits a broader spectrum of the market AND reduces inventory headaches? These are the questions that are important to both patients AND physicians… so these are the types of questions we ask with every product we create. Discover Trend today and see tomorrow’s standard.

Revolutionary Built-In Air Pump

– Air chamber inflates along 3 zones to conform to patients’ lordosis

– Simple push valve inflates chamber for custom fit, comfort and support level.

Patent Pending

Product Advantages

All Trend Lines of Braces offer a revolutionary lightweight, breathable design with built-in, low profile anterior panel and contoured, padded posterior panels for optimal comfort and support when sitting or standing. But that’s just the beginning of what sets every Trend product apart. Our products offer an array of unique features that truly set them apart from other products on the market. Our goal is to provide lines of medical bracing that patients and physicians alike will choose to make the new trend in the industry. (Patent Pending)

Simple Pull Compression System

This easy draw, single line pull compression can be used with one or both pull tabs to provide any desired amount of compression, even for patients who have trouble with arthritis, muscle weakness or an immobilized arm. This simple system provides independence and quality of life for patients who may not have the ability or strength to operate other braces.

Universal Sizing

Universal sizing offers great advantages for patients and suppliers. The brace’s sizing eliminates inventory headaches while cutting down on storage and warehouse space needed. For the patients, universal sizing can also help in cases where weight fluctuation becomes an issue such as with rehabilitation.

Revolutionary Built-in Air Pump

Industry-changing design features a simple push valve, built-in pump that allows patients to inflate a 3-zone air chamber to control their desired amount of pressure and “hydrostatic lift” which is extremely effective in reducing back pain, offering patients support and pain relief that is unmatched by any other LSO on the market.

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