Trend Correx SP TLSO

The Trend Correx SP TLSO features an effortless sizing system with soft moisture wicking material and breathable zones throughout the brace. It also includes the same groundbreaking patent pending feature of the Trend Correx TLSO with the addition of a customizable sternal pad kit. This allows the patient to control their desired level of thoracolumbar support while sitting or standing. This brace also has the ability to break down and give the patient multiple options of support to progress with them though their rehabilitation process.



All Trend Correx TLSO models feature our patent pending “Telescoping” Spinal Support System that allows real-time adjustment for the thoracic spinal region. The single or dual-arm upper pulley mechanism pulls the shoulders back and down to a neutral position while sitting or standing, allowing the patient to optimize support and comfort in seconds. 

The Correx SP TLSO features a customizable sternal pad kit with chest straps that can be positioned as desired on the chest. This brace also has the ability to remove the Sternal Pad Kit and break down to give the patient multiple support configurations as they progress though their rehabilitation process. The SP TLSO also utilizes comfortable, moisture-wicking materials and breathable zones throughout with the natural airflow of Trend’s new Breathe-Thru Mesh making it the coolest, most comfortable TLSO on the market. Another new feature is the No-Grip closure system that enables patients who lack tensile strength the autonomy to both fasten and operate the compression settings themselves. 

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