The Trend PRO LSO is our most advanced LSO yet offering additional lateral support panels. This brace covers up to the T9 vertebrae with lateral control. Lateral panels can be removed and brace can break down to just the belt as recovery progresses and less support is needed. The Pro series offers a revolutionary design and compression system with numerous new product features and quality-of-life innovations for superior quality, comfort and performance.

  • New: Breathe-thru mesh: this game-changing new fabric allows natural airflow, making the Pro Series simply the coolest brace on the market for all-day comfort.
  • No-Grip fastening and compression system: a breakthrough for patients who suffer from arthritis or who lack the tensile strength to fasten and operate other braces.
  • Universal Sizing: innovative sizing belt sizes up or down in seconds to fit sizes from XS-3X.
  • Advanced compression system: single or dual-arm pulley system enables almost effortless, perfect compression while sitting or standing.
  • Split anterior panel in belt facilitates perfect compression regardless of belt positioning on patient.


The Trend PRO LSO offers a revolutionary design and compression system to easily mold and form to patients back. It encompasses a dual or single pull draw system that is great for patients that lack strength in both arms. The design offers patients a comfortable and easy to use LSO with superior quality, comfort and performance. This brace covers up to the T9 vertebrae with lateral control.

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Universal Sizing

Universal Sizing XS-3XL: (25”-60” waist); Additional 8” Extension Panel is available for sizes larger than 3X