BRACING For Holiday Bing Eating

A universally sized brace that can cope with size fluctuations… any time of year

Weight fluctuations are common, well, for pretty much everyone. This little fact of life is even truer for people who use a back brace. Spinal pain affects lifestyle. Either an active lifestyle becomes less active because of injury and pain, or a sedentary lifestyle becomes more active because of the support and stability offered by a brace. We know that weight gain and loss are par for the course over the course of a brace’s use. The problem then becomes, how do you deal with these fluctuations with a spinal orthotic?

Many braces on the market boast that they offer “universal sizing”. However, far too often, this universal sizing is a one-and-done initial fitting that requires molding and cutting of the brace to fit the patient. In cases like this, what happens when the patient changes size? Either the patient stops wearing the brace because it is too tight and uncomfortable, the brace is too loose to offer proper support, or the patient must be prescribed a new brace to fit their new size.

A universally sized brace should be able to adapt with the patient over the course of recovery – to accommodate size fluctuations as well as differing levels of support needed at various stages of recovery. All of Trend’s braces offer, quite simply, the fastest, most versatile, user-friendly universal sizing AND RESIZING on the market. Our braces size up or down in mere seconds without the use of special tools, molding, cutting or laborious D-ring sizing systems. Our Velcro sizing belts simply resize to the desired size as labeled on the belt to fin smaller, larger – even in-between sizes. (Click here to see our sizing in action!)

What’s more, Trend’s lines of spinal orthotics also offer adaptable designs that allow the braces to add or remove lateral support as needed during recovery; the ability to convert from full LSO to a supportive belt or even fully convert from a full LSO to a low profile in seconds. This makes Trend braces a true lifetime product that patients can use over the full course of recovery or for differing activities as more or less support is needed.

Trend’s commitment to patient comfort and practical innovations that improve quality of life constantly drives us to create superior products that patients will love. As the holidays draw near, providers can rest assured knowing that a prescribed Trend brace with this ability to effortlessly size up or down as needed means patients have a brace that will be comfortable to wear – even after a 2nd helping of grandma’s pumpkin pie.

Experience the Trend difference. Request samples today or contact our customer service team for more product information and pricing.

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