Today's Trend... Tomorrow's Standard Innovative medical bracing
built for superior comfort,
performance & ease of use
“The most advanced TLSO on the market” CORREX TLSO Ground-breaking, patent pending technology
now allows patients to easily control their
thoracic support while sitting or standing.
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Low Profile Back Brace Trend LP Featuring our single or dual-pull
compression pulley system for
optimal support with every use.
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UNLOADING OA KNEE BRACE PRO FIT UNLOADER 2 Easy medial and lateral unloading w/ directional key.

Numbered strapping system w/ quick-release buckles
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Innovation is at the Heart of Every TREND

Innovation… it can make things more effective, more efficient, more comfortable. Innovation solves problems and creates convenience. Innovation is at the heart of every trend… and at the heart of every Trend Medical product. Our goal is simple: hear the needs of both patients and providers and then innovate, game-changing products with features that meet those needs. 


EVERY Trend Orthotic features innovations that set it apart from the competition in numerous ways. Our aim is to create industry-leading products that excel in patient comfort, performance, ease-of-use and provider convenience. Below, take a look at just a few of the innovations that guarantee that today’s Trend is tomorrow’s standard. 

Pro Series Back Braces No-Grip fastening Groudbreaking innovation gives autonomy to arthritic patients or those who lack tensile strength Pro fit unloader 2 Unloading key Allows precision medial & lateral unloading without tools or accidental setting changes All Trend back braces simple universal sizing THE easiest, most user-friendly, universal sizing system on the market. Period.

2020/2021 Product Catalog


We invite you to experience the superior quality and product innovation built into every Trend brace and discovery why today’s Trend is tomorrow’s standard in orthopedic bracing. Use the link to the right to fill out our samples request form. 

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